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Making a Scene is a FREE film workshop series meant to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-19 who live in Kitchener/Waterloo (Six Nations Grand River Territory). 

We all have important experiences to share and stories to tell. However, in the media we see queer and trans folks that don’t represent our stories or our realities.

Making a Scene is an opportunity to break down those stereotypes, flip the scripts, and and re-write the characters. We write the story, shoot it, and put it on screen for everyone to see, feel, and relate to.

From April 1st – Oct/Nov 2017, participants will be trained in filmmaking, editing and story-telling to collaboratively create their own short films.

The workshops begin with a flexible learning conference on April 1st -2nd at Kitchener Public Library – Downtown. Workshops will be given by community members who have skills in editing, filmmaking and storytelling.

After the conference, you and a group will have regular filming and editing days to finish the project with a mentors help!

Completed films can be shown at the Rainbow Reels Queer and Trans Film Festival.

You would be perfect for this project if:

– you are between the ages of 13-19
– you identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum
– you feel you have a story to share
– you have an interest in learning film/editing/storytelling

Think this is right for you? Still not sure?

– No experience necessary!
– Queer and Trans mentors from the community will facilitate
– Venues will be wheelchair accessible
– You do not have to be in school to attend
– ASL and language translation will be given on request.
– Bus tickets will be provided.
– Food and Drink will also be included for the conference and select other dates
– We are committed to creating safe(r) spaces

Making a Scene encourages and invites the contributions of people from marginalized communities!*

There are only 25 spots avaliable! Apply ASAP!

we would love to chat about ways we can make the space easy and safe for you to access

*marginalized communities includes, but not limited to: Indigenous people, Black folks, non-Black people of colour, Deaf folks, immigrants, members of ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, poor and working class people, youth not in highschool, those on social assistance, women, single parents, LGBTQQA, pansexual, asexual, queer-oriented people, genderqueer, transgender, transsexual, intersex, two-spirit people, and youth parents to apply.


Visit the contact us page for more information on how to get in touch with us! Or click the photo below to sign up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free? 

It’s free. Occasionally you might have to bring your own snacks or pay for transportation to get somewhere, but we will also provide bus tickets!

Do I need a camera? 

No! If you want to bring one, cool, but we have equipment provided by the Queen Street Commons Studio through the Working Centre. And the library has some pretty sweet equipment too!

I can’t come to the whole conference, can I still participate? 

Of course! Just let us know what you can be a part of, and we will organize with you! You’re definitely welcome.

I don’t want to commit to being in the program, but I want to be a part. What can I do? 

Well, eventually we will have a need for actors and volunteers to help out on some movies! If you want to do that, please contact us!

I am not a youth but I want to volunteer food/space/actors/etc! Is that possible? 

Amazing! Just contact us with your donation!