Conflict of Interests

Project Uprooted was the undergraduate thesis of Rebeccah Redden, Independent Studies Student from the University of Waterloo. It was supervised by Dr. Vershawn Young and Theresa Romkey. Collaborator and co-facilitator, Thane Robyn, also had major involvement. Although there aren’t any direct conflicts of interest, there are a few things to know about before you participate.

1) What if the final film or project makes money?

In the end, the thesis will be put out to the public. It will at first be published online for free, and it won’t make any money that way. However, it could get into film festivals or be shown in classrooms. If any money is offered, it will be refused or donated to various community activism-building funds. The list of community activism-building funds will be created by speaking with people who are part of the project on where they think the money should go, and then will be up here when that list is complete. No researcher or supervisor will be making profit off the project.

2) What if the final film or project wins awards?

Any and all awards that may be given to the larger documentary film will be accepted as a team effort for Project Uprooted. Awards given out to Project Uprooted might be used by directors on CVs, resumes or personal bios/websites.

Since none of the participants will be named unless otherwise stated, it’s likely they won’t benefit from any of the social rewards that making a film sometimes brings. However, if anyone wishes to award a youth made documentary, we will not personally accept awards for those films and defer to the creators.

Project Uprooted is committed that this project is made BY everyone involved and that the awards belong to those people, not to be owned by one person, but to appreciate the work of those involved.

If there are any suggestions, comments, or complaints about any conflict of interests (or anything that was missed!) please email

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